Saturday, September 29, 2007

About the Process ID (PID)

It is really,make some time hang ,due to hang of our computer.So to kill that process which make our computer hang we must have to know the process id of that program. So i think the following commands will be very helpful for you :

1. You need to use the ‘a’ option to see the processes by all users and the ‘x’ option to show all of the processes outside of the scope of the shell.
sudo ps -ax

If you just run that command as is, the results will just scroll by. In order see and browse the results at you own pace you can pipe the list into ‘less’.

sudo ps -ax | less

Or if you want to search for a particular application process, instead of piping in ‘less’ you can pipe the results into grep.

sudo ps -ax | grep search

For example I can find the process id of Firefox by doing something like this:

sudo ps -ax | grep firefox

3399 ?? S 3:30.90 /Ap ... OS/firefox-bin -ps ...
3456 p1 S+ 0:00.00 grep firefox

To kill the process :

sudo kill processId

sudo kill 3399

and be hang free...........
अरिवंद साह

sharing your file folder

It is really easy to share your files and folder from ubuntu in a local network having windows system or windows work group.
there are various method like you can install samba package by command
sudo apt-get install samba
and configure it in of its .config file

or simply by path follow : System->Administartion->Share Folder
it will ask for root password and after it ,it will install all the packages and configuration made

How to Access Windows Partition

It is really very simple to access Windows partition from Linux .

type the command to install ntfs-config in your terminal
sudo apt-get install ntfs-config
if any problem you get during installation, plz update your system by command
sudo apt-get update
then your system will sure install ntfs-config after updating it

Ufter installation go to : Applications->System tools->NTFS configuration tools
and select the two check box
you will finally able to read and write from linux system to windows partition...
अरिवंद साह

Friday, September 28, 2007

Some important terminal command

hi frens,
just know the following commands for initial phase:

open your terminal by going : Applications->Accessories->Terminal
and type the command you want .. ...

1. after you install your ubuntu update it using the command : sudo apt-get update

2. to search any packages just type the command : sudo apt-cache search package name
*package name like what you want to search just give the name.

3. to install the packages you search type : sudo apt-get install package name
* package name you got from search command.

4. to remove the package : sudo apt-get remove package name

i will post you other command keep in touch............

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new to linux

hi frens, if u r thinking about ubuntu as a vast os then plz change your mind and start to work in ubuntu bcz it is very simple and user friendly to use.
i know at initioal phase you may be quite hopeless using ubuntu but after only 1 week
linux will be a gd friend of u. so start to use ubuntu bcz it has many features and i know we all know this.

i hope you are going to install ubuntu today and certainly linux will be your gd friend so get enjoying with linux...................